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Crab Migration Playa Larga

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Crab Migration Playa Larga

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When Is the Best Time 

Best month for the crab migration is April but you may see them until June.

Cuba, Playa Larga
Review and Tips 

In April female land crabs start to migrate from forests to the sea to release their eggs. Masses of red and orange crabs are heading to the sea and back. They need to cross the road and cars don't care but getting punished with flat tires. Often roads are coated with smashed crabs. In April the crabs are small, coloured red and orange. In June the crabs were much bigger and grey and less in numbers.



Apr 09, 2016

In March and April you have the chance to see the crabs on the street nearby Playa Larga (only a few hundert meters behind Playa Larga on the way to Playa Giron)