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- 27 Sep 2016
‘One of the most beautiful places!’ Havasu Falls is a once in a lifetime adventure: The waterfalls, the color of that water, the air in that Canyon...
- 26 Sep 2016
The Blue Lagoon (Bláa lónið) is a truly fascinating geothermal spa and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Iceland. It is located in a...
- 15 Sep 2016
Sa Pa and its rice fields are a showcase of the northern Vietnam territory. One of the most spectacular views: Stunning valleys, amazing rice...
- 26 Aug 2016
This hiking trail in the north of Kauai is called to be the most beautiful trail of Hawaii. The trail is 15 km long in one direction. To walk the...
- 22 Aug 2016
‘The sea of Temples’. Bagan was established in the 9th century and is one of the greatest archeological sites in Southeast Asia. More than ten...
- 20 Aug 2016
Batibou is the Kalinago word for bay. It is still a hidden jewel and not very well known beach in the north of Dominica. A gravel road which keeps...