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- 05 Oct 2015
22 hectares of land filled with exotic flora growing around the world right in the middle of Germany. The most fascinating species can be found in...
- 06 Jun 2015
Sinharaja is a World Biosphere Reserve since 1978 and UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988. Parts of the primary forest were saved from...
- 09 May 2016
The waterfall is in the old town center of Saarburg and falling down more than 20 meters. Originally the small river Leuk flowed around the town and...
- 12 Jul 2015
The cloud forest of Santa Elena is less crowded than Monteverde. It reveals a beautiful, lush vegetation with ferns, flowers, mosses, epiphytes and...
- 13 Oct 2015
Adam's Peak, the place where Adam first set foot on earth, also known as Sri Pada Mountain. It's a holy mountain for Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, and...
- 12 Jul 2015
We made a stop for lunch at Quebrada Gonzales station on the way to the coast to Puerto Viejo. Due to the highway it's an easy access to this...