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- 24 Aug 2015
Tarifa is the Southernmost town on the European continent and known worldwide as the capital of wind. Tarifa is popular for whale and specifically...
- 04 Jun 2016
Mount Kota Kinabalu is 4.095 meters high and is a solitary mountain. It's not only the highest point of Borneo but also the highest point between the...
- 02 Sep 2015
A must-visit in Argentina! Before we give you all the details about the glacier, let some quotes from visitors speak for themselves: ‘Stunning!...
- 05 Sep 2015
The Maldives are roughly 1.200 islands with 26 Atolls. The islands are one of the best places to see whale sharks and manta rays a well as massive...
- 05 Sep 2015
The Chitwan National Park was established in 1973 and became a World Heritage Site in 1984. It's an approximate bus ride of 5-6 hours from...
- 26 Jun 2017
Hong Kong is not just a city with a population over 7 million people it's also the most popular city with estimated 60 million visitors in 2018....