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- 01 May 2016
The Curonian Spit is a long shifting sand dune that forms a peninsula in the Baltic Sea. The forest and the beach represent the landscape. When...
- 24 Jan 2016
Spains highest mountain (3718 m) is the Teide volcano of Tenerife. Even in winter you have an easy access to the Canadas Caldera if there in not too...
- 25 Dec 2015
The Sanctuary of Madonna Della Corona, "The Lady of the Crown" from the 16th century is located close to Lago di Garda. It's easy to get here by car...
- 20 Oct 2015
The traverse from Monte Tamaro to Monte Lema has breathtaking views. It is a minimum 13 km - 5 hours up and downhill hike. First, you take the cable...
- 01 Sep 2015
Historic Buildings and Cathedral with a history of more than 9 hundred years. Also a nice view to the surrounding country because it is located on a...
- 27 Jul 2015
The Stone Age monuments are located in the north of Dublin. It is only 40 – 50 km to get to the airport, which is located on the northern side...