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- 10 Sep 2015
Three different hikes lead through this stunning Nature Reserve. The shortest is 2.1 km, the middle 5.5 km and the trail along the whole peninsula is...
- 03 Nov 2015
Bontebok National Park was established in 1931 to protect the remaining 17 Bontebok Antelopes from extinction. It is the smallest National Park in...
- 07 Oct 2015
The Sevilla Rock Art Trail is located on the Traveller's Rest Farm. It's an easy 5 km hike to 9 impressive San Bushmen painting sites. In spring...
- 07 Oct 2015
Our stay at Thendele Camp was at the end of September. When we arrived it was hot with more than 30 degrees, the next morning it had snowed heavily....
- 23 Sep 2015
Bourke's Luck potholes are named after prospector Tom Bourke. He predicted gold would be found in this area. He was right but unfortunately gold was...
- 14 Sep 2015
The gannets may remain together for several years. The mating rituals are spectacular to observe. The incubation of the egg lasts more than 40 days....