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- 17 Nov 2018
Vanuatu is a group of 83 islands, mostly undeveloped. Although Santo and Efate have a tourist infrastructure, paved roads, and electricity you...
- 21 Sep 2018
The UNESCO World Heritage Site Mont Saint Michel is situated in the Normandy at the border to Britannia. The bay is already part of Britannia. The...
- 03 Aug 2018
Laniakea is a long but rather small beach where turtles can frequently be seen. It’s just an hour drive from Honolulu to the north shore of Oahu...
- 09 Jul 2018
The Haiku Stairs were on our bucket list for years. We just figured out it's illegal when we were in Oahu. That's the reason that we decided to hike...
- 08 May 2018
Milford Sound is part of the Fjordland National Park, and the whole region became World Heritage Site in 1990. The Fjordland was formed by glaciers...
- 05 May 2018
The Paparoa National Park is popular for day hikes, the Pack Track, and the Pancake Rocks. Due to massive damage of cyclone Gita, the Inland Pack...