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- 02 Sep 2016
Facts About the Greater Addo Park Addo was already established in 1931 to protect the last eleven remaining elephants. It is a big success...
- 06 May 2020
Vancouver Island part of British Colombia is 469 km (291 mi) long and wide maximum 100 km (62 mi). Whale Watching tours are operated from Victoria,...
- 16 Jan 2020
The Great Ocean Road is 243 km / 151 miles long, starting in Torquay and leading to Warrnambool. Usually, people link the Great Ocean Road with the...
- 07 Dec 2019
The more than 700 km2 big National Park is a hikers and photographers' dream. You get blown away in this beautiful scenery. Even if it is busy here,...
- 15 Aug 2019
Etretat is located just half an hour north of Le Havre. The almost 80 km long Alabaster Coast "Cote d'Albatre" in the "Haute-Normandie" stretches...
- 29 Apr 2019
Nazare is a fishing town with 10.000 residents. It’s the most popular place in Europe to watch Big Waves. The first big surfing event and competition...