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- 25 Jun 2015
The Park was declared as UNESCO world heritage site in 2007 with it’s huge endangered endemic biodiversity. Before that time the forest became...
- 04 Oct 2015
The name Cathedral Cove comes from the natural rock formation which was developed by erosions. If the cave roof collapses an off-shore stack remains...
- 15 Nov 2017
Liuqiu Island is just 4 km long and 2 km wide best explored with a rental scooter. It looks like that the island can be super busy during the peak...
- 21 Sep 2018
The UNESCO World Heritage Site Mont Saint Michel is situated in the Normandy at the border to Britannia. The bay is already part of Britannia. The...
- 09 Nov 2015
Rising almost 200 meters (660 ft) from flat plains, this ancient rock fortress provides visitors with one of the most dramatic views in Sri Lanka....
- 03 Aug 2018
Laniakea is a long but rather small beach where turtles can frequently be seen. It’s just an hour drive from Honolulu to the north shore of Oahu...