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- 21 Oct 2015
Sohail Castle, or Castillo Sohail in Spanish, was built by Abd-ar-Rahman III in in 956 AD to strengthen coastal defenses. Like many great ruins, the...
- 19 Oct 2015
Arcosanti is an experimental town in the desert of Arizona, built to embody Paolo Soleri's concept of arcology - the fusion of architecture with...
- 09 Oct 2015
Clow International Airport is a public general aviation airport and are home to A...
- 07 Oct 2015
The Rock of Gibraltar is a monolithic limestone promontory in the UK-controlled territory of Gibraltar located off the southwestern tip of Europe on...
- 07 Oct 2015
One of the most haunting places I have visited in the US, haunting in the way the stories of the past cling to the walls and to your ears on the tour...
- 07 Oct 2015
Around the world Abraham Lincoln is a symbol of liberty. His journey through life began in humble surroundings in a log cabin in Kentucky and ended...