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- 19 Mar 2016
It is a very popular and easy accessible waterfall near the town of Soufriere. The waterfall is close to the road. At the gate an entrance fee is...
- 25 Nov 2015
There is much to discover at Sierra de Escambray - Cuba's second largest mountain range - from tropical forest to waterfalls, birds and several...
- 20 Nov 2015
Valle Vinales once covered by a mountain limestone range, much has eroded and left the mogotes. Lots of the mogotes have caves and some of these are...
- 15 Oct 2015
About 2.000 Korora (in Maori language) better known little blue penguin and some yellow-eyed penguins breed at this largest little penguin colony on...
- 31 Aug 2015
It is a stunning 14.5 km/4h hike along the most picturesque stream of Belgium. The hike leads along the wild streams Ninglingspo and Chefna to the...
- 16 Aug 2015
Isimangaliso was formerly known as St. Lucia Wetland Park. It became a World Heritage Site at the end of 1999 to protect the unique flora and fauna,...