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Zaanse Schans

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Zaanse Schans

Travel Update: Most destinations are open — check the official websites and read our crucial BEST TIME tips below to help you AVOID CROWDS (Travel with at least 15% off | booking.com)


When Is the Best Time 

Most attractions are open from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Some windmills and houses are closed during the winter from November onwards.

Avoiding crowds

Very popular with almost two million visitors each year. Either you arrive in the morning or after 3 p.m. Even more crowded at the tulip season in April when tour buses combine Keukenhof with Zaanse Schans. Fewer visitors from mid-September on. October during the school holidays again more crowded. The quietest and less busy months are in the wintertime, but some windmills remain closed.

Beautiful to arrive by boat, offered only from May to October from Friday to Sunday. 

Where to Stay in Walking Distance

It's an open-air museum where you can spend a whole day. If you stay within walking distance you can enjoy the whole scenery also without crowds. Our favorite B&B is the Hotel "Heerlijck Slaapen op de Zaanse Schans". This means "sleeping excellent at the Zaanse Schans. The hotel has a bike rental service.

Historic Site
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Review and Tips 

Zaanse Schans, an open-air museum and protected area 20 km north of Amsterdam. It is easy to get there by public transport. There are still 6 working industrial windmills, 250 years ago there were 600 and the first industrial area in the world. Producing shelves, colors, mustards, paper, flour and much more.

The entrance to the area is free, but several windmills charge a fee if you like to have a closer look inside, Interesting tours are offered how cheese and the famous wooden clogs are made. One windmill offers chocolate tasting. There is a clock museum, and I like most the exhibition and manufacturing of clogs. Have a look at the pics; two descriptions are about of these old shoes.

If you are into photography check the weather forecast a day prior.

Have a look at the calendar to schedule your visit. 

Interactive map for your visit. 

How to get to Zaanse Schans and ferry opportunity.

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