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Yala National Park

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Yala National Park

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When Is the Best Time 

Yala is a must if traveling to Sri Lanka. The National Park is popular for the biggest leopards, lots of wildlife and it's birders paradise. Of course, everybody wants to see a leopard at Yala, but to increase the chance of a sighting stay at least two nights! What is the best time to spot them? Read on for our detailed tips:

Big Leopard in Yala, Sri Lanka


Yala has the highest density of leopards. The best chance to spot them is around new moon combined with a safari/tour in the afternoon when it’s also less busy. They are more active around dusk during new moon days. 

Jeep congestion while watching a leopard in Yala National Park


It’s often very busy with many jeeps. It's super crazy if a leopard got spotted. Avoid weekends and public holidays. The morning safaris are the busiest. You can't enter the park immediately; first, your driver has to queue to get the ticket. Many tourists stay just for one night and leave at midday. The afternoon is much quieter. 

Elephants taking a bath in Yala, Sri Lanka


The best time to spot leopards, as well as other wildlife such as elephants and wild boar, is from May to August. More animals gather around the waterholes during the drier months. From October to December it’s more likely to spot deer, crocodiles, and birds. The park is often closed in September until October (too aggressive animals after a heavy drought). The best time of the day to spot wildlife is either early morning or from afternoon till evening. From late morning until afternoon they usually hide under thick foliage.

Opening Hours and 3 Gates at Yala

The park is open from 6 to 6. Yala is divided into five blocks. Block 4 is not open for safaris. Most visited are Block 1 and 2 with two entrances. Hundreds of jeeps seek for a leopard in Block 1.

  1. Palatupana: Main entrance for Block 1 and 2 is the busiest - waiting time up to one hour in the morning.
  2. Katagamuwa: This entrance to Block 1 and 2 is far less crowded.
  3. Galge: Entrance for Block 3 and 5 and less known. Therefore, you do not need to queue at the Galge entrances.
Our driver was checking the depth of a waterhole
Our driver Amare was checking the depth of a waterhole. 

In general, you can visit Yala year-round. It's never really bad. The dry season runs from May to September. Increasing precipitation in October. The ‘mild’ rainy season runs from November to January and some more rainfall again in April.

Weather Yala from 1991-2015
Average Monthly Temperature and Rainfall for Yala from 1991-2015

Top Tips Where to Stay

First of all stay at least two or three nights to increase the chance of spotting a leopard. Choose an accommodation which is nearby. Pro; you can go on safari in the morning and afternoon and spend the lunch break at your hotel. 

Sri Lanka, Yala
Review and Tips 

Yala designated as National Park in 1938 is the oldest one of Sri Lanka. It is divided into 5 blocks, four of them are open to the public at the moment (Feb. 2019). Yala is home for more than 40 mammals and about 215 bird species. It’s leopard country! The leopard density is higher than anywhere else on this planet. This species is endemic to Sri Lanka. Those predators and the sloth bear make Yala an amazing wildlife destination, together with many other fascinating mammals, birds and reptiles. Unfortunately, we didn't spot any sloth bear in four days but different leopards always in the late afternoon none in the morning. 

Picnic Lunch in Yala National Park
Picnic Lunch in Yala

The morning safari starts at 6 am but you already need to queue in your jeep up to an hour before, otherwise, you are wasting time waiting for your ticket. If possible don't use the facilities! The roads inside the park are not paved like in the Kruger in South Africa. These are dusty and bumpy roads. Bring a scarf or buff and breath through it. Some of the drivers do this as well. There aren't any regulations for the National Park and also no jeep limit. Most drivers get too close to the wild animals and if a leopard is spotted; expect 30 and more jeeps around this impressive hunter. The afternoon is a little less busy and you don't need to queue; come just a little earlier. 

What to Bring for the Safari

  • Enough water to drink - it's hot
  • Scarf or buff to breath through. Air full of dust!
  • Sunscreen and hat

More information about Yala 

Birding in Bundala next to Yala
If you are into birding schedule an additional morning for Bundala National Park.



Aug 29, 2015

A very beautifull place, but at the time we did not see any leopards though.

Oct 23, 2015

We spent 4 nights close to Yala and discovered this huge leopard on our third day. We had a fantastic guide Wicky and driver Amare. Amare knows this park very well. He even organized a full day for us with lunch at a river. I have the contact details of both. If you want to get in contact with them let me know.

Jul 21, 2016

We were there for a few days and found our evening and early morning explorations the best. Mid-day, the animals tend to be having a siesta! I've only been there in December so I don't know about the rest of the year but we had perfect weather. No rain but not dry or overly hot either.

We had a fantastic family vacation in Sri Lanka. December was a great time to go. Not too hot, not too cold. The visit to Yala National Park was great: lots of wildlife including a few leopard sightings. Not as diverse as a more rugged African safari but we were traveling with young children so this was perfect. We also went to a tea plantation in the highlands, spent a weekend at the beach, and went whale watching. Sri Lanka definitely has a lot to see and do.