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Wreck Beach - Great Ocean Road

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Wreck Beach - Great Ocean Road

When Is the Best Time 

It's a beautiful beach hike which should not be missed when traveling along the Great Ocean Road. Best visited around low tide. The Marie Gabrielle anchor is accessible at low tide only otherwise the top of the anchor appears out of the water only. The Fiji wreck is not affected by the tides. Tide times

The beach and wrecks are poorly signposted and due to the remote location not crowded. Luckily it is also off the beaten path for tour buses, therefore, our top tip.

Weather Great Ocean Road

The Southern Ocean has a strong influence on the climate. It keeps the winter warmer and the summer cooler. During summer the sun is very intense, but it is not too hot; there is always a fresh breeze and temps are around 20°C only. Lots of precipitation throughout the year in the Great Otway National Park. Warmer and "drier" conditions from November to April however, rain can always occur. Winter is the wettest and coldest season; rainy every second day. Day temps in winter around 12°C and nights are chilly around 8°C pretty cold for camping.

Australia, Moonlight Head, Princetown, Great Ocean Road
Review and Tips 

It's a gravel road to the parking lot but it is accessible by 2 WD with careful driving, better with 4 WD. The walk starts with a descent of more than 350 steps on a wooden staircase to wreck beach. It last less than half an hour to Marie Gabrielle anchor. You can walk another 15 minutes to Fiji anchor. The Marie Gabrielle and the Fiji anchors are from sunken ships at the end of the 1800s. It is said that Marie Gabrielle was on route from China loaded with tea when it hit the reef.

Another not much visited place nearby with a great view is the Gable Lookout; last picture.

The venomous tiger snake is common to the coastal areas in the south of Australia!!