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Wildebeest Migration - Masai Mara

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Wildebeest Migration - Masai Mara

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When Is the Best Time 

Migration time is from mid-July to mid-October. However, due to varying rainfall patterns, the exact timing varies each year. The highest chances to watch the dramatic river crossings in Masai Mara is in August and September. In 2018 the wildebeest migration had started in August. 


All this happens during the dry season (June to October) with great weather. There is little to no precipitation. 

Tourist Crowds

July to October is also the busiest time at Masai Mara with higher prices and loads of tourists in jeeps during the peak months in Aug/Sept. This is a downside but it's worth it. You may book a private concession to stay away from the crowds in the main reserve.

Kenya, Masai Mara
Review and Tips 

At the Masai Mara river, you have the chance to experience the wildebeest migration with the crossing of the Masai Mara river, one of the most spectacular experiences on earth. The wildebeests in the millions are migrating throughout the year always searching for fresh, green grass and water. The time depends on the amount of rainfall and is only roughly predictable. They spend around two months in the Masai Mara.

Great migration month-by-month overview: How The Wildebeest Migration Works

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Aug 01, 2015

Stunning pictures!!!! Thanks!!!

Aug 10, 2015

Amazing experience! However, you can never predict with certainty where they will be. The best you can do is suggest likely timing based on past experience from yourself and others.

Sep 02, 2015

Fantastic, the Nile Crocodile !

Sep 04, 2015

This is probably one of the most amazing experiences on our planet :)