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Where the Land Ends and the Sea Begins

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Where the Land Ends and the Sea Begins

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When Is the Best Time 

You can do this hike all year, avoid hot months specialy August and very hot days.

Portugal, Sintra/Portugal/Natural Park Sintra Cascais
Review and Tips 

Our hike begins at the continental Europe westernmost point, Cape Roca, where “the land ends and the sea begins”.

This ancient fisher man´s path leads us to discover the untouched beauty of wild Ursa beach, considered by Michelin Guide as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Continuing along impressive cliffs hugged by the mighty Atlantic, we will approach the Fojo, a natural well that connects to the sea and where the most daring can look to the 90 meters deep and find if the Romans had reason to believe that deep down there was a triton playing music in a conch.

This hike ends with a delicious grilled fresh fish at Adraga Restaurant, considered by Sergi Arola (2 Michelin stars), one of the most mediatic Chefs in the world, as “the best beach fish restaurant in the world”. located on the beautiful beach with the same name, considered by the Sunday Times one of the 20 best beaches in Europe.



Nov 17, 2015
Fantastic hike which we did it at my birthday with Teresa, Francisco, Toni and Paulo. I will never forget Pasteis de Nata and coffee at Praya da Ursa. Great surprise. It is difficult to find the whole trail by yourselves it is better to hike guided. I highly recommend Adraga restaurant.