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West Coast National Park - Birding

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West Coast National Park - Birding

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When Is the Best Time 

Best time in spring; August and September. The Geelbek Hide from low tide as the tide is coming in. The water level rises, and the waders are forced to get closer to the hide.

In spring flamingoes make a stop at the West Coast National Park.

Only in August and September the Postberg Section with game and wildflowers is open to the public.

South Africa, Langebaan
Review and Tips 

Geelbek is located in the beautiful West Coast National Park and is excellent for birding. You may see a large number of flamingos and many other bird species. We discovered two different owls. If you visit Geelbek Hide, don't miss the outstanding restaurant and their chocolate cake. Check the opening hours of the restaurant first it closes early.

Birding checklist from SANParks, West Coast National Park

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Nov 07, 2015

Micha you are right for birding anyhow summer is good for migratory birds. It's also lobster season. My favorite restaurant is: http://www.kaijaiki.co.za/restau...