Wavine Cyrique

Wavine Cyrique

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Wavine Cyrique is a fantastic waterfall with a beautiful beach. Don't start your hike too late; not later than 2 p.m. It's a strenuous and steep climb down to the remote beach. The waterfall can be seen best during low tide. At high tide, it plunges into the sea which makes it difficult to get close due to the strong surf. It is not recommended to climb during or after rain. It might be too slippery and dangerous to climb along with the roots. Roseau tide times


The best months are during the dry season from December until April. That's also the peak season. May is also possible: Fewer tourists on the island but also very hot with high humidity. This makes the hike and climb even more challenging. The rainy season starts roughly in June until November with the possibilities of hurricanes and flash floods. This hike may be too dangerous during the wet season. The driest month is March and the wettest is August.

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Where and Tips


This hike is an old fishermen trail and only for experienced hikers and climbers. It is not recommended for children. Wavine Cyrique was our highlight on Dominica Island. The waterfall is isolated located not well known. 

Wavine Cyrique Hiking Description

To find the right starting point, we ask the locals. At the trailhead is a small house on the right. This guy was having a look that we take the right trail to the top of the cliff. He expects a tip afterwards. It is a steep rope and tree root climb from the top of a cliff to the bottom. To get down it takes roughly an hour and up less than half an hour. The hike starts at the small village of Riviere Cyrique on the east coast. If you go by rental car there are a maximum of two parking places at the end of the road. Hike around 10 minutes down on a trail with palm tree steps. When reaching the cliff's edge, you see the first strong rope. From now on, it is very challenging to climb straight down with ropes, tree roots, and branches. Take your time and be careful.

Wavine Cyrique climb down on a ladder

Furthermore down you get to a ladder which was easier than it looked like. At the bottom walk, to the left. You can see the waterfall at the end of the small beach. The beach/bay is on the Atlantic side therefore the sea is rough with strong currents. At hight tide, it is more difficult to get close to the waterfall. During low tide, you can take a shower underneath which is awesome. Carry plenty of water and a snack. Enjoy the spectacular view here at the beach.



Sounds and looks like a really great trail for experienced hikers!!


Steep and quick hike to a secluded beautiful beach. May be washed up by sargassum seaweeds (atlantic coast). flickr profile

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