Waiau Kauri Grove and Falls Coromandel

Waiau Kauri Grove and Falls Coromandel

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Coromandel is a year-round destination with a mild climate. The summer is the best time with pleasant temps but also the busiest time of the year. However, Waiau and the Road 309 are not much trafficked due to the remote location. 


The precipitation on the Coromandel peninsula is sometimes significant even in summer. The weather is influenced by the mountain range and the sea. The "driest" months are January to April. The warmest months are December to March mostly between 20 to 25°C, April is a bit cooler but still nice. Most precipitation during winter with its peak in July which is concurrently the coldest month. The winter temps can be 10 to 12°C and drop until 6°C. Frost is not common.


Due to the narrow, winding, gravel Road 309 and the remote location, it's rare to experience it busy.

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Where and Tips

Coromandel, Waiau
New Zealand

The Kauri walk is an alternative if you are limited in time to see the biggest kauris in the north in the Waipoua Kauri Forest. Most of the Kauris in the Waitakere Ranges are not any longer accessible due to the Kauri Dieback disease. The walk is 2.5 km long through regenerating forest from Nikau to fern trees to the spectacular Kauri grove of 13 massive trees plus the twin kauri. It's truly magnificent to see and touch these ancient trees. For their protection boardwalks and footbridges leading you around the trees and their roots. Be prepared you have to cross several streams. There is a small car park beside the road.

When entering or leaving a track please clean and spray your shoes! Prevent the spread of Kauri Dieback disease which is killing the iconic trees around New Zealand.

Nearby the Kauri Grove walk less than one km by car right beside the road is the Waiau waterfall. It’s an excellent spot for a dip or picnic.

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