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Two-Hundred-Year-Old Sugar Maple & Trails

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Two-Hundred-Year-Old Sugar Maple & Trails

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When Is the Best Time 
Fall, because much of the brush will be thinned, you can climb down more easily to the riverbank to walk right along the river with fewer bugs.
United States, Bolingbrook, IL
Review and Tips 

To me, the highlight of the area is the two-hundred-year-old tree (which is quickly on its way to being three-hundred). Imagine back at the turn of the twentieth century, a wooden dance floor being placed around its base and glowing lanterns hanging from its limbs, while people of all ages, danced and sang into the wee hours. Or winter coming, the low land surrounding the tree turning into a natural ice skating rink. Years upon years of celebrations right at the feet of this giant.

To see the tree, you will need to go to another parking lot before you get to the proper parking for the trails. Park by Hobby Lobby at 363 N Weber Rd, Bolingbrook, IL 60440, there's a treeline to the right of the shopping center near Weber Rd. There you'll be able to walk right up to the tree just to stand in awe or snap a few photos. While the tree is dead now, it appears majestic and is a worth while stop, maybe more so at the end of you hike. Sunset paints the dead limbs - almost restoring its life making it easy to imagine when people flocked there to enjoy each other and nature.

There are more trails to explore with trail heads off the main parking lot of the DuPage River Park. Trails vary from paved to natural wooded paths. Several paths are ADA accessible, the park also maintains clean, indoor bathrooms open year-round. If you choose to leave the trails, you can get next to the winding DuPage River and hike all along it for several miles. Multiple spots ensure quiet places for visiting with a friend or peaceful solitude. There are 272 acres of open space, including; prairie, wetlands, and forested habitats for songbirds.



Nov 09, 2015

Just amazing! Thanks Melissa!