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Topes de Collantes

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Topes de Collantes

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When Is the Best Time 

Dry season from Nov./Dec. to April - If there was rain the days before, water is not cristal clear; it'll be muddy. Shoulder season May and June, showers may occur but easier to find a nice casa without booking in advance. July and August are the Cuban school holiday.

Cuba, Trinidad
Review and Tips 

There is much to discover at Sierra de Escambray - Cuba's second largest mountain range - from tropical forest to waterfalls, birds and several hiking trails. To some trails and waterfalls you have to book a guided tour. At the visitor center you get all information which trails you are allowed to hike indipendent. We decided to do two hikes; first the natural pool in Caburni river and second Batata cave and river. Close to the pool one path leads left to the highest waterfall of Cuba and right to the natural pool. It's a popular trail and well marked. You may need around three hours. Batata river and cave is less crowded also a beautiful hike. Close to the cave we needed insect repellent. Anyway it is worth to swim or walk into the cave depending on the water level to see bates inside. Combine it with Sendero Jardin de Gigantes. Topes de Collantes is close to Trinidad which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. You have to pay a fee for each hike.