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Three Sisters - Blue Mountains

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Three Sisters - Blue Mountains

When Is the Best Time 

The Three Sisters rock formation and Echo Point are the most popular part of the Blue Mountains. To avoid the crowds come here early morning. For a good shot, they are best from midday until afternoon - perfect light on a sunny day. It's very crowded here with lots of tour buses. The hike itself is quiet and peaceful and the ideal way to enjoy the Blue Mountains' nature. Fewer crowds during winter.


More precipitation during summer from November to March/April. Winter months are drier and sunnier. The rainfall at the Blue Mountains is similar to Sydney. In the summer, day temperatures can increase up to 35 degrees and even higher but are mostly bearable. Nights are pretty cool. Nevertheless, each season is different and can be marvelous for hiking in the Blue Mountains.

Australia, Katoomba
Review and Tips 

The Three Sisters are located close to Katoomba. The names of the three rocks from the left to the right are Meehni (922 m), Wimlah (918 m), and Gunnedoo (906 m). The Aboriginal legend is that the beautiful three sisters of the Katoomba tribe felt in love with three brothers from the neighboring tribe. A marriage between different tribes was forbidden by their law. The brothers wanted to capture the sisters. To protect the sisters, they were turned into rocks by the tribal elders. In the battle, he got killed, and no one else could turn them back.

Combine the Three Sisters view - Echo Point with a hike from Leura Cascades. Parking at Leura is free. The waterfall and Three Sisters hike is approximately 8 km long and takes less than four hours. Proceed from Leura Cascades to Leura Forest and Dardanelles Pass, up to the Three Sisters and back to the car park via Prince Henry Cliff Walk. We began our hike at 11 a.m. at the end of the summer.

We saw and heard several lyrebirds at Leura Forest. Lyrebirds are shy and start to hide as soon as they notice people. Remain quiet if you want to spot different birds. Have an eye on the trees, and you may spot parrots as well. One rosella took a bath in a paddle. This hike was a marvelous mixture.



Jul 28, 2015

Perfect during sunset!!!