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Tanner House

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Tanner House

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When Is the Best Time 

Any time of year within the same month as significant seasonal holidays such as Christmastime, 4th of July, and Halloween. The house will be magnificently adorned and stories will flow with rich historical texture.

Historic Site
United States, Aurora, Illinois
Review and Tips 

In America we love to celebrate the Victorian Era, likely because it was during that time when so many of our towns were settled leaving us with these fine historical structures, lore, and strong roots for how our cities would become what they are today.

The culture and style of the Victorian era (1837-1901) is popular in the United States, possibly because so many structures of the period are still in use today. The Tanner House Museum is a good example of how wealthy Americans lived in the Midwest at that time.

The sudden expansion of available land in the 1830s created demand for surveyors and at the age of 20, in 1835, William Tanner left his home in upstate New York to try his luck surveying in the west. Aurora was exactly a one-day's wagon ride directly west of Chicago, and he ventured no further, quickly buying farmland and bringing his parents, siblings and new wife, Anna Makepeace, to try life as farmers in the Midwest.
The 16-room house at 304 Oak Avenue was built in the Italianate style in 1857 so that Tanner, his wife and their 9 children could live in town, where he was becoming a developer and hardware merchant in the booming American economy of the era. Tanner Hardware was a successful business and was run by the family for 125 years, closing in 1979.

The house was donated to the Aurora Historical Society in 1936, and is now interpreted as a family home during the period 1875-1900. Many artifacts are Tanner family heirlooms. Volunteer docents give guided tours in season and there are special seasonal programs and open houses. Check the society’s website, http://aurorahistory.net, for information. The Facebook page is http://facebook.com/aurorahistory.



Nov 09, 2015

How long does a tour take Melissa?

Nov 09, 2015

Greetings travelguy, depending on the presentation, about an hour.