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Table Mountain

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Table Mountain

When Is the Best Time 

The Table Mountain often covered in clouds, the "tablecloth" is a great destination throughout the year.  During summer the clouds occur less often. The tablecloth looks terrific from the bottom, but hiking to the plateau is more difficult and colder.


Best weather conditions with very few precipitation from October until March. Most rainfall from from May until September.

South Africa, Cape Town
Review and Tips 

We spent several days in Cape Town for the perfect, clear day without any clouds at table mountain. If it is too cloudy, the visibility is a few meters only, and you can get lost on the huge plateau. Also, the cable car operation depends on the weather. If the conditions are too bad, like strong winds or poor visibility, it won't operate. Winter can be cold and wet on the mountain in 1086 m elevation. We hiked to the top of the table mountain from the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden through Skeleton Gorge. Just in case of an emergency we asked for a telephone number at the Kirstenbosch ticket counter. Don't hike without a map even better use Google to take the right trail.

Leaflet with more information about the Table Mountain National Park



Jul 17, 2015

The botanical garden is really worth visiting. We've been there as well.

Sep 10, 2015

Hiking at Table Mountain and Twelfe Apostel is terrific.