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St. Kilda Little Penguins

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St. Kilda Little Penguins

When Is the Best Time 

The penguins at St Kilda pier are present year-round. Most of them come from the sea after sunset. It's an awesome experience to watch them waddle in throughout the evening after their hunt for fish at sea. It is cute how they walk and jump to their burrows between the rocks and making noise. To spot as many as possible, you need to visit at the right time of day and during the right season. Special tip: After checking our St Kilda penguin article below, you might want to have a look at our recent Melbourne guide (FREE) as well: 15 Unique Things to Do in Melbourne + Melbourne Season Guide (the tips are written by a local, we think you'll love them!). And if you'r looking for an adventure, then this 3 day trip is for you: Great Ocean Road Trip - Adelaide to Melbourne (we've never had better tour guides before on any trip in our life!)

Time of Day

Every day after sunset the penguins come ashore from the sea to their nests at St Kilda pier. You can spot them waddling to their rock homes after sundown. 9-12 hours later they get back to the sea before sunrise.The pier is open 24 hours. In order to spot them, just be there anytime after sunset. Check sunset (and sunrise times) here: Sunrise/Sunset Melbourne (select the month and then press 'Go'). However, keep in mind that it gets crowded around sunset as everyone wants to see these little guys. Best is to get there before sunset for a good spot, as it becomes really busy with visitors. We also have two great additional tips:

Visit Twice: 
If your schedule allows, visit St Kilda twice: Once in the late afternoon and again at or after sunset. Especially in the summer, it's very likely to spot some penguins already in the late afternoon. Visiting before sundown has the huge advantage, that you can view and photograph them during daylight. However, it's highly recommended to watch the big groups waddling in after sunset as well.

Visit at Night / Before Sunrise: 
If you want to experience a really quiet visit, we suggest two times: Around 11 p.m. or in the very early morning two hours before sunrise. Particularly before sunrise you won't see other groups of visitors and can check out the penguins in solitude. After 11 p.m. it's usually quiet as well, except for Friday or Saturday nights. The downside when visiting in the night is the darkness. That means you'd need a very good (expensive) low light camera and a fast lens for taking photos (using flash is not allowed, it hurts and scares the penguins!)


Penguins at St Kilda can be spotted throughout the year. However, there are significantly fewer penguins in the late spring and winter months of May, June and July. As soon as the weather gets colder in May/June they are off on their winter jaunt. Most of the penguins are out at sea then for a few weeks, feeding up with fish, getting ready for breeding later. However, those with eggs and chicks are staying at St Kilda of course. Depending on various factors the colony at St Kilda starts again each year in August/September. Usually you can spot plenty of penguins between October and March/April. Depending on the month they are building nests, laying eggs, raising chicks or moulting (see below). During moulting period, usually in January/February, you'll also spot slightly fewer penguins. If you are interested in seeing the little ones: The peak number of chicks is in November and December.

Penguin Behaviour (Monthly Overview)
  • Moulting | at St Kilda (2-3 weeks between January and March / Penguin Visibility: Medium): Old feathers fall out and new ones grow. This usually happens between January and March/April. It takes about 2-3 weeks while penguins are sitting on a rock not going to the sea. If penguins get white feathers they will die soon the reason is the stressful moulting.
  • Feeding Up | at Sea (a couple of weeks between May and July / Penguin Visibility: Low). Roughly from May/June until July most penguins are out at sea for weeks to feed up before they start to breed later. They eat as much fish as possible, choosing whatever is available. It's believed that anchovies and pilchards are St Kilda penguins' favourite food. In case you wonder where they sleep during this time: Penguins can nap while they're in the water.
  • Egg Laying & Breeding | at St Kilda (usually between July and November / Penguin Visibility: High from September/October to December). A few Penguins start building their nests in the rocks of St Kilda from June onwards and laying eggs in July, but most in August and September until November. If they lay their eggs too late, the chicks may not survive. When the penguins start moulting later they can't feed their chicks any longer.
  • Chick Raising | at St Kilda (usually between August and January/February / Penguin Visibility: High from September/October to December). After 33-37 days of breeding the chicks are raised from around August until March, although February and March are quite rare. The parents main duty is hunting for fish and returning to their nest each day to feed the chicks. At 7-11 weeks the chicks are ready to go to the sea. They leave the colony mostly from October to January. They are out in the sea minimum for a year often several years before heading back if they survived.
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Review and Tips 

St. Kilda breakwater became a Fairy Penguin colony in the 1970’s. The rock breakwater was built for the Olympic Games in 1956. Now it is home for roughly 1.400 penguins, and the wild colony is still growing.

Most of the St. Kilda pier is fenced to protect the penguins only a small part is accessible. Unfortunately, in March 2016 some were brutally attacked and left dead by young people. Please, stay on the wooden platform and keep distance to them. Volunteers and rangers are at St. Kilda each night to protect the penguins and to answer all visitor questions.

Protect the Penguins
  • No flash photography
  • No other flashlight, no smartphone light, red light only
  • No selfie sticks near the rocks
  • Do not get too close to, touch or feed the penguins
  • No yelling, music or loud noise
  • No dogs
  • No littering
  • No walking on the rocks

St Kilda Facts
  • No entrance fee
  • Open 24 hours year-round. Stay as long as you like
  • There are St Kilda Earthcare volunteers who will manage crowds and answer questions
  • St Kilda is one of only two penguin colonies on our planet located on a man-made structure
  • For the penguins St Kilda breakwater is a substitute for an island, where they normally nest.

Earthcare of St Kilda was formed as a group of volunteers to protect this unique penguin colony. It would be a tremendous help to donate to the upkeep of the penguin team of St Kilda. The bank details are: Earthcare of St Kilda Inc. BSB 633108 Account number 101369809. Alternatively there is a donation pole on the left hand side of the pier. It's opposite the far end of the kiosk.

Changes to Protect the Vulnerable Penguins (Fence)

Due to repeatedly disturbance of the little penguins, the public viewing area is fenced since July 2017. You are still able to watch them but please don't touch them, don't' try to put your camera into a burrow. Please let these penguins live in their natural habitat. If they get always disturbed, they will disappear one day.

Fairy Penguin Facts

These cute penguins are not taller than 40 cm and weigh one kg. They live on average 6-7 years. They dive typically between 10-30 meters to catch small fish, squid or krill. Some return year-round to their burrow, but most of them stay at sea in autumn and winter. In the breeding season, the parents share the 33-37 days’ period of egg incubation. After hatching the parents leave their chick unguarded to catch fish during the day. When the chicks are about 5 weeks old, they wait outside the burrow to get fed at night. Another 2-3 weeks later they will leave the nest and parents forever to move to the sea.

Where to Stay (bookmark the links / book well in advance!)

We highly recommend that you stay at least 1-2 nights at a nearby hotel. That way you can make the most out of your visit: Visit the penguins twice easily (see above), be at the pier at night when the place is quiet and penguins are still there, be close to a wonderful beach, lush parks and gardens as well as the foodie paradise along Fitzroy and Acland Streets. Staying at a nearby hotel also means you avoid the traffic, which is horrible not only during rush hour. Parking would be another issue. Book a nearby hotel and enjoy being at St Kilda hassle-free! It's totally worth it!

  • Crest on Park (very close) | Wonderful hotel! Excellent location!  You only walk 10 minutes until you reach St. Kilda Pier. Also close to shops, restaurants and just 20 minutes from the city center. Trams run right in front of the hotel. Everything is very modern and super clean (opened in 2016). The staff is extremely helpful, rooms and beds are very comfortable, it's quiet and parking is easy to access. Highly recommended! A++
  • Quest Grand Hotel Melbourne (fairly close) | This is our top tip if you want to stay in the real heart of Melbourne. You could walk to St. Kilda, although it takes over an hour. With public transports in less than 30 minutes.  Our relatives stay here every year. The location can't be beat! They say accomodation is always amazing, the staff extremely helpful and comfortable, very clean rooms. You can walk almost everyhwere from here! 
  • More Hotels Near St Kilda Pier | Browse for the best hotels close the St Kilda beach. You are very close to St Kilda Pier as well as other great destinations. Enter your preferred dates and then browse the list of hotels. Make sure to change the search criteria to your liking at the top bar. We usually select 'Review Score & Price'.
Melbourne Guides

A great guidebook from Lonely Planet which is very captivating and extremely helpful in orienting yourself in the city as well as beyond the citiy limits within Victoria. This is the latest version with up-to date information:

Thanks, Rik for letting us know about this fantastic place!

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Feb 11, 2017

Amazing place to come close to fairy penguins. Watching them for free and not high priced like on phillip island. Worth a donation for volunteers work.

Apr 12, 2018

Came here mid of April in the late afternoon and was lucky to spot five of the Little Blues. The location was yet not very busy. The light was still right to take several shots of the penguins in their new and bright plumage.