Sohail Castle

Sohail Castle

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Spring or fall, most of Europe won't be on holiday, warmer temperatures but not stiflingly hot like Southern Spain can be.

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Sohail Castle, or Castillo Sohail in Spanish, was built by Abd-ar-Rahman III in in 956 AD to strengthen coastal defenses. Like many great ruins, the castle was destroyed and rebuilt many times over as generations capitalized on its prime geographical location. The town where the castle rests, Fuengirola, has given it yet another life as a functional space used for concerts and festivals as it maintains its iconic silhouette and continues being a symbol of the area's cultural heritage.

There are excavated stone ruins on public display at the western base of the hill on which the castle sits that date back to before the Roman Empire occupied Fuengirola around 300 BC. A small museum on the property helps put the site into better context. What I enjoyed most was taking my time walking through the old passage ways and on-top the walls of the castle. There were very few visitors, leaving me to wander freely to consider what it might have felt like to walk through those spaces so many years ago in its various incarnations.

There is a small entrance fee, parking is typically free surrounding the historical site.
Open Monday through Saturday. Closed Sundays and holidays.
Call first: Tel+34 952 46 74 57



I love castles! @Melissa: I looks like it's not crowded at all. When did you visit?

Melissa Sallee

Hi Sandy! I am with you - castles are easy to love. I was there in the month of January. New Year's had passed. While there were still festivities for the Kings Parade on January 6th, for the most part things were quiet. I treasure those times when there aren't many tourists (even though I am one).

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