Sintra Sierra of Secular Mysteries

Sintra Sierra of Secular Mysteries

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

You can hike all year, we love Autumn season it's very romantic

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Where and Tips

Natural Park Of Sintra Cascais/Sintra/Lisbon/Portugal

Come with us to meet a more mystical and occult Sierra de Sintra side, World Heritage by UNESCO, and feel what is considered the most beautiful and mystical Portuguese sierra. On this tour we will meet its people and their customs.

We take you to some of the sierra highest points, like the “Peninha” shrine and marvel with the infinite views. Discover its secrets and mysteries, like the “Capuchos” convent, where even today it is said that “those who wish to penetrate the mystery of the convent must first die.”

We will meet the most typical village of Sintra, whose beginnings date back to the sixteenth century, the “Holy Spirit” village. Known for its countless fountains and streams, is here that we will do our lunch in a rural tavern where we can taste the local food.

After the meal, and along some horse breeders farms, we will enter again in a forest corridor toward to the “Capuchos” convent, where we will finish our hike.



Mesmerizing place!


Looks like something for us to do next year. How long does the hike take?

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