Rosalie Moller Shipwreck - Red Sea

Rosalie Moller Shipwreck - Red Sea

eg Egypt

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Ir's a year-round destination for diving. The main season starts in April and lasts until October/November with its peak in summer.

Best with water temperatures around 28 degrees and even more from June to September. October and November are a little bit cooler, therefore, less busy. Strong winds can occur during autumn, and it can be chilly.

The biggest chance for spotting big fishes from September to November when they migrate from the south to the north with colder ocean currents.


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Where and Tips

El Gouna, Qesm Hurghada, Al-Bahr-al-Ahmar, Egypte

Great diving in the Red Sea including several shipwrecks like the Rosalie Moller. The Rosalie Moller suffered the same fate as the Thistlegorm in the WWII in October 1941. 

The cargo ship was built in 1909 almost 110 meters long. It got sold in 1931 to the Moller Line Ltd. based in Shanghai and used for the China route. It was deployed in the WWII to transport coal. On a so-called safe anchorage the Thistlegorm was bombed on October 6 and due to the explosion the night sky was briefly lighted, and Rosalie Moller was discovered by the German pilots. They returned two days later and sank the second ship. Luckily only two crewmembers were lost. 

The wreck utterly covered with hard and soft corals and a huge amount of fish sits upright on its keel up to 50 meters deep. It's a challenging technical dive to explore much of the wreck.

Diving trips are offered in Sharm El Sheikh, El Gouna, and Hurghada.

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Stefan Bonne

You are correct Markus, winter can be chilly, even in Egypt.


It is not easy to get to Rosalie by boat only possible at calm sea. You need to be an experienced diver for this wreck. There is a strong current and poor visibility. Rosalie sank 1941 and lies in a depth of 33-52 meters. Unfortunately our gopro housing was broken before we did this dive.