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Rano Kau, Rapa Nui

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Rano Kau, Rapa Nui

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When Is the Best Time 

You can visit Easter Island all year around. You have to be lucky with the weather.

Chile, Hanga Roa
Review and Tips 

From the main village on the Island, Hanga Roa it is an easy hike up to the vulcano of Rano Kau. Just follow the path starting from the village. First you will pass a cave, Ana Kai Tanata. You can walk down into a cave where you can see the waves of the ocean bunking on the rocks. It was said to hold some cave paintings not very clearly but you can notice some colours on the rocks.
Coming from the cave just follow the path going into a more lush area, which passes through a forest. There is also a viewpoint from where you can see the village of Hanga Roa. When you reach the summit, you will come directly to the crater of Rano Kau. The lake inside contains fresh water and small islets with grasses. It contains it own micro climate. The crater is 1,6 km wide.
From the viewpoint you can continue to Orongo village near the ocean on a cliff. You can see big stones with petroglieves here. This used to be a ceremonial village in the past where the birdman cultus and elections were held. A very sacred place on an even more beautiful spot. Don't miss it when you are on the Island!