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Rainbow Falls - Cape Otway

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Rainbow Falls - Cape Otway

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When Is the Best Time 

The Rainbow Falls located at Station Beach close to the Great Ocean Walk is easy to reach on a half-day hike. The Fall more a spring-fed trickle can be seen throughout the year. Depending on the high tide level it may be difficult to get close. Therefore it's safest if you consider the tides. High tide can be quite dangerous with the surf. The best sunlight for a good shot is during the afternoon for the rainbow coloured waterfall. Tide times

Weather Great Ocean Road

The Southern Ocean has a strong influence on the climate. It keeps the winter warmer and the summer cooler. During summer the sun is intense, but it is not too hot; there is always a fresh breeze, and temps are above 20°C. Take precautions and use sunscreen. Lots of precipitation throughout the year in the Great Otway National Park. Warmer and "drier" conditions from November to April, however, rain can always occur. Winter is the wettest and coldest season; rain every second day. Day temps in winter around 12°C and nights are chilly around 8°C, pretty cold for camping.  

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Review and Tips 

The return walk to the Rainbow Falls is eight km long and takes roughly 3 hours. You get to the falls either from the Cape Otway Lighthouse or Bimbi Park. From the campground, it is a 45 minutes walk one way through sand dunes to Station Beach  After the boardwalk at the beach, turn left towards Rainbow Falls. The intense colours come from the algae on the rock. We spent a couple of hours here, waiting for low tide, enjoyed the terrific waves, for a dip in the sea, and the awesome view of the colourful rocks. However, the beach is not patrolled and strong currents occur.