Railay Beach - Krabi

Railay Beach - Krabi

th Thailand

Travel Update: Most places are open. Still, check the official websites and read our crucial BEST TIME tips below to help you AVOID THE CROWDS or secure tickets | Book Tip: 50 U.S. States - 5000 Ideas

When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Sweet spot months without the heavy crowds and a high chance of good weather during the wet season are May and October. Both months usually bring warm and sunny conditions with brief rain showers only; often in the afternoon or late evening. There is less humidity in October than during the previous months. However, keep in mind that it's already/still rainy season and the weather can become unpredictable.

December - April (Dry Season)

If you want almost perfect weather visit between January and March: calm seas, clear blue sky, moderate temperatures Anyhow, rain shower can occur. However, it's high season and very busy (read below: Tourist Crowds)

Ao Phra Nang Beach and Princess Cave next to Railay Beach
Ao Phra Nang Beach and Princess Cave next to Railay Beach

May - November (Rainy Season)

Wet season with high humidity. The highest rainfall occurs in September. During the rainy season, everything can happen: Typical are days with 1-2 brief showers. You might even get two weeks of almost perfect dry weather or sometimes almost a week of straight rain. If you don't like crowds at all and can deal with unpredictable weather and rain, this is your season. Preferably not September, which is the wettest month. In the rainy season, no tourist crowds spoil the experience. It’s also the green season when beautiful fauna comes to life. Helpful weather overview: Krabi Monthly Weather

Tourist Crowds

High season is from November/December until April. Expect massive crowds here and almost every else in Krabi. Accommodation rates start climbing in November. The only chance to avoid the crowds is either come early morning or even better spend two nights here. 

Where to Stay at Railay

There are a number of accommodations around Railay. It's more convenient if you stay at Railay West or private transport is included. Our #1 choice is the Railay Village Resort perfectly situated in the heart of Railay offers privacy despite the busy location. Another excellent choice is the Rayavadee remote located offers a first class service. Shuttle from the airport to the 5* hotel is organized by the resort.

Longtail boats at Railay Beach, Krabi during the peak season
Railay Beach is full of longtail boats at midday

Tips for Boat Trips (during high season)

Longboats are operating from 8 am to 6 pm. daily. Go at a different time than most others. Either very early by taking the very first boat or book sunset trips. The beach starts to fill up quickly after 10 am, and midday is the worst; it's difficult to enjoy the beautiful scenery with so many other people. Another alternative is to go out on a diving or fishing boat. It's more expensive, but they are more comfortable and usually welcome non-divers as well as non-fishing passengers. They also take less traveled routes and visit less busy locations which are excellent for snorkeling. We'd booked a sunset tour with included dinner on the vessel of our resort the Aonang Fiore. We highly recommend a cruise along the coast, Railay Beach, to Poda Island, and Chicken Island. 

Chicken Island on a sunset Cruise along the Krabi coast
Chicken Island at the sunset cruise


Where and Tips

Rai Leh (Railei), Krabi

It's a majestic scenery surrounded by limestone cliffs. The emerald green color of the water is like nowhere else on earth. Railay only accessible by boat although a peninsula., There are 4 beaches where you can get to from Railay:  

  1. Tonsai Beach

    Tonsai and Railay Beach Krabi
    Tonsai to the left and Railay to the right

    A boat ride to Tonsai is available but not that often than to Railay. There is a short 10 minutes walk to the left to Tonsai if coming from Railay West. The small beach is beautiful and less overrun.
  2. Railay West

    Usually, you arrive by longtail boat on Railay West. Here you find beautifully situated hotels, shops, and restaurant. Kayaks can be rented for a couple of hours which is worth to do. The most important places are well-signposted. It's more comfortable to stay at Railay West with the famous golden sand beach and gorgeous sunsets.
  3. Railay East

    Railay East mud flat and mangroves

    The east side is less busy and offers nice hotels as well. To get to East Railay; it's 10 to 15 minutes walk on an uneven paved surface. It might be a bit difficult if carrying luggage. East Railay doesn't have any beach it's just a rocky mud flat with mangroves.
  4. Ao Phra Nang (Princess Bay)

    Ao Phra Nang Beach and Cave, Krabi

    This beach is set in breathtaking scenery and shouldn't be missed. You can get here either by longtail boat, by feet from Railay or by kayak from Railay what we did. But avoid midday when speedboats and longtail boats drop off the day trippers. It's popular for the "penis cave" which has a strong meaning for the Thai to increase the fertility.

    Masses of tourists at Ao Phra Nang Beach, Krabi
    Ao Phra Nang Beach when the guided trips by speedboat arrived
5 Things To Do at Railay
  • Rock climbing (There is a rock climbing shop at Tonsai)
  • Relaxing at the beach
  • Cave exploring (Diamond Cave and Phra Nang Cave) both accessible by feet
  • Hiking; Explore the peninsula while hiking.
  • Kayaking; Rent a kayak at Railay West or Ao Phra Nang for outstanding shots.

    Railay Beach, Krabi while snorkeling

Great description with many details on: Wikitravel Rai Leh. More beaches in Krabi: The Best Beaches in Krabi 



Looks great! Rock climbing pics would be fantastic.

Jess Moorhouse

So beautiful.


Amazing sunsets!


Railay Beach and whole Krabi area is beautiful, well worth a visit! Been twice, both times around February.

My photos

Jorge CG

Beautiful place


Railay Beach October 2011. Awesome place! It was rainy the first week, but after that nothing but sun! So I would say it was rainy the first week of October and that's about it.


Jackson Groves

Such an awesome place to visit.


Spectacular scenery but utterly overrun. Nevertheless, enjoy this fantastic place on a cruise and by kayak and you escape the crowds. We'd spent a couple of days in Aonang, but I guess it's outstanding staying at Railay when the day trippers left and before they arrive.

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