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When Is the Best Time 

Important are good weather conditions without any rain. Best months are March to October. If it was rainy the day before it is better to start at midday. At that time of day the sun will dry the sandstone.

Via Ferrata
Germany, Schmilka
Review and Tips 

This is the most difficult "Stiege" in the Elbe Sandstone Range. It is only for the experienced ones. If you can't manage the beginning please don't do it. The first meters are climbing only and it is more difficult later on especially in the chimney. You need to be free from giddiness.

Park your car in Schmilka. If you park at the beginning you have to pay a fee as always but if you look for a free parking space after Cafe Richter direction Czech Republic border it is for free. At weekends you should be there before midday to get a parking place. Many hikes start in Schmilka and you get the best food and beer there. I marked the trail beginning at google. On the left is a biological backery with great bread and cake and on the right is a open air pub with delicous food and beer, everything biological and very good quality. We had a late lunch there four times and we enjoyed sitting there.

To find the Rübezahlstiege is not easy, the only signs are a R sometimes. It starts in the climbers area. It is not very long but challenging, only a few iron bailes. You also have to climb, good shoes are essential. At the end you climb into a dark chimney which is too small to carry a backpack. The way out is to the left although it looks like it is the right. When you reach the top there are many opportunities for hiking. We had to leave that day therefore we went back on "Heilige Stiege". It is a steep descent with several iron ladders.

If you like to do this Rübezahlstiege get in contact with me and I will send you the GPS data via mail.