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Peggy's Point Lighthouse

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Peggy's Point Lighthouse

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When Is the Best Time 

Peggy's Point is world famous and very popular. Tour buses and rental cars arrive throughout the day especially in the summer. However, there are two easy ways to beat the crowds even in the peak months:

Be Early:
Be there in the morning as early as possible. At least before 9 AM. Experiencing the sunrise is amazing anyway.

Stay Late:
Don't leave before or right after sunset. Just stay! Most visitor leave when the sun goes down, but the place gets even prettier. Check sunrise und sunset times here: Halifax Canada | Sunrise - Sunset


Canada, Nova Scotia, Peggys Cove / Halifax
Review and Tips 

Best to get to this historic and scenic lighthouse before the crowds arrive. We arrived at 9 a.m. and thoroughly enjoyed finding a parking spot, then jumping around on the rocks, taking many many pictures and enjoying the beautiful scenery!

Facts about the lighthouse:
It is one of over 160 historic lighthouses in Nova Scotia. The original lighthouse was built in 1868. It was a working post office until 2009. The tower is 50 feet / m and the light 67 feet / m high. 

The lighthouse is exposed on granite rocks watch the unpredictable swell when walking around. Each year people are swept off by huge waves. Bring a wind jacket for your visit. 

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Peggy's Point Lighthouse | Best Time to Visit | Top Tips Before You Go - Guide - Weather



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