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Parque Nacional Eduardo Alvaroa

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Parque Nacional Eduardo Alvaroa

Travel Update Summer 2020: Most destinations, sites and parks reopened with limitations. Check the official websites and read our crucial ‘BEST TIME TO GO' and ‘AVOIDING THE CROWDS’ tips:


When Is the Best Time 

You can visit this national park any time of the year. But it can be amazing cold and wet sometimes. We visited it at the end of october and had wonderfull weather. Since you are unprotected in an open landscape, it can be very windy and cold. We had sun and wind, it was a good period on our opinion

A Great Place
Bolivia, Bolivia
Review and Tips 

If you like nature and an unexpected landscape, this might be the place for you. It is filled with volcano's. Some of them have a light activity as you can see some smoke escape from the summits.
The area is also filled with lakes in all kind of colours, some of them look surreal because of the weird colours orange and bright green. This has something to do with the presence of the algues, and the wind that is blowing aroung the water.
All the lakes are filled with hundreds, no thousands of flamingo's. We had never seen this amount of flamingos before. There are 3 type of flamingos you can find here, the James flamingo, the Andean flamingo and the Chilenean flamingo.
We also saw the andean fox, and a kind of rabbit like mammal called the viscacha. Many smaller birds and of course lama's and vicuna's. It is such a spectacular area! You just cannot believe that you are IN this landscape yourself.
We also visited the stone tree (Arbol de Piedra), a rock that is formed like a tree by the erosion of the wind. At the end there is the Sol de Manana geyser. This area is quite intresting too! The earth is alive, you can notice it here. Steam coming out holes in the earth, mud that is bubbling, hot water lakes, it is boiling and they have several colours.
At the end we went to our very simple accomodation. A dorm bed for each one of us, in a concrete building. The advantage of being here was that we could use the nearby hotsprings at sunset. We were in the hotsprings for some hours, just our small group and some locals. Imagine the next day there were at least 30 minibusses to get in these springs as well.....
The sky was amazingly clear, we could do some stargazing from the hotsprings. Just incredible. We will never forget this trip. Another perfect day spend in this region.