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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

The Paklenica National park offers you access to nature and adventure year around. Best months for hiking with bearable temperature are April, May, and September, October, although rain can occur. It becomes crowded in the summer months, especially at the climbing spots. Most of the climbing walls are located towards east or west which gives you the opportunity to either climb in the sun or shadow depending on the starting time. Choosing the right time is essential during the hot summer month.

Access to the Manita Peć cave is closed from November until April. Opening hours and days:
April – Saturdays from 10 - 14
May, June, and October – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 10 - 14
July, August, and September – every day from 10 – 14

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Where and Tips


The most beautiful area in the Velebit mountain area is definitely the Paklenica national park. This relatively small area of 95 m2 is rich on the geomorphological phenomenon with a diverse flora and fauna in a mainly untouched nature.
The rocks in Paklenica are limestone and bitter talk based and created a huge variety of karst landscape.
Almost 2/3 of the park is covered by forest. The name of the NP was derived from the resin of black pine called "paklina" . It was used to paint boats and ships as well as a remedy.  Petrophyte is one of the special plants beside orchids and lilies found in Paklenica. The fauna is special in this area as well. More than 4000 species of which some are endemic in Europe can be found in the park. This is specifically true for butterflies like the "Zerynthia polyxena" and the "Papilo machaon".
The only way to discover this beautiful piece of nature is by feed. In total 150km of different routes can be found. From touristic routes like the canyon Velike Paklenica to some real climbing path to the peaks of Velebit mountain. There are several hiking trails of different lengths and difficulty to explore the park. The views from the peaks to Pag Island are spectacular.

Stay on the marked trails since mines from the war in the 1990s still exist. 

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