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Osaka Castle

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Osaka Castle

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When Is the Best Time 

In Spring, there are beautiful Sakura. Besides Spring, the Castle area is a nice park.

Historic Site
Japan, Osaka
Review and Tips 

Originally the Castle had build in 1583 and it destroyed by battle in 1615. Tokugawa Shogunate or the government in those days rebuilt the Castle in 1620. Then the Shogunate manage the Castle as the government center in Western Japan.
In 1868, Osaka Castle fell and was surrendered to anti-shogunate imperial loyalists. Much of the castle was burned in the civil conflicts surrounding the Meiji Restoration. Then Osaka Castle became part of the Osaka Army Arsenal.
In 1928, the main tower was restored after the mayor of Osaka. Today's building is this one.

When I visit Osaka, I enjoy the views of the Castle always...