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Nohener Nahe Loop

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Nohener Nahe Loop

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When Is the Best Time 

Recommended throughout the year. We prefer May because many different flowers are in bloom especially along this trail and October with the autumn foliage. The second reason for April/May and Sept./Oct. it is the right temperature for the filled cupboard with wine along the trail. This is a highlight of the trail. It would be too hot in summer and in winter it is empty.

Germany, Nohen
Review and Tips 

There are 111 hiking trails in Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate which are called "Traumschleifen"; that means a dream of circular hiking trails. These trails are perfectly marked with the information of the next intermediate hiking target, the distance you've already hiked, how long you still have to walk and the next highlight on your trail. The trails are rich in variety and always even better than expected.

The trail is 12 km long, up and downhill in elevation 400 meters and the duration is 4 hours. In 2015 it was one of the ten most beautiful hiking trails in Germany. It is recommended to hike clockwise, and it makes sense if you like to try the wine ;) In the cupboard are also clean glasses offered. The price for one bottle is 2,50 € in coins. There are tables and benches for a break with a fantastic view. This trail leads to beautiful, unspoilt forests and meadows and you don't get disturbed by traffic noise or anything else. Another advantage of this trail is the station in Nohen. It is the only dream loop which is accessible by train. After the hike, we had a break at Cafe Allerhand which we recommend. They offer a few homemade meals and different cakes and to be honest delicious and cheap. This trail is one of our favorite ones. Nature, the flowers in bloom, the peace, not crowded and you get spoilt if you want.



Jun 28, 2017

We visited this trail in the spring just as the wine was ready. However, there is only one wine booth on the whole trail. We were expecting multiple booths. The wine bottles are 2.50 a piece. here are three types to select from. This booth runs on the honor system with a drop box. there is a camera install but unknown if monitored. the booth also provides glasses.
Along the rest of the trail, you will see vast fields and overlooks. Toward the end, there are some interactive sections like swings and musical instruments. This will be a good hike for the whole family.