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Ninglinspo and Ambleve river

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Ninglinspo and Ambleve river

When Is the Best Time 

Best in summer, also spring and autumn are good seasons for this adventurous hike. Please note the days before should've been dry otherwise it is even more slippery and you often stuck in the mud.

Belgium, Remouchamps
Review and Tips 

It is a stunning 14.5 km/4h hike along the most picturesque stream of Belgium. The hike leads along the wild streams Ninglingspo and Chefna to the Ambleve river with rapids and blocks of quartzite. We combined the first part of the Ninglinspo hike, nb 21(blue rectangle), with a short part of Mtb track 38 (triangle with dots) to get to nb 22 (red rhombus) to the Ambleve river. The trail leads along slippery rocks and small bridges always crossing the stream. It was a hot summer day. Therefore, we had a dip in the Ambleve river at the end of the hike. Unfortunately, the day before was heavy rainfall and we stuck in the mud. At the beginning of the trail, you always walk uphill for almost an hour; hiking sticks are helpful.

Nearby are the caves of Remouchamps. The first part of the cave is visited on foot and the second by boat over the subterranean river almost 600 meters in length.

More information about the caves and Wallonia



Jul 21, 2016

Thx for your advise even though it was dry the days before it was a bit slippery and muddy.