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Newgrange and Knowth

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Newgrange and Knowth

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When Is the Best Time 

It is highly recommended to arrive as early as possible as places on the tours are limited each day. The wait time is pretty long mainly because it is not possible to reserve in advance and. The tour operates on a first come first served basis. Opening hours are in Winter from 9:30 and during Summer time from 9:00. The tours include transport to the site and are necessary to gain access to the megaliths. 

Newgrange is a larger and more visually impressive site, seeing the interior of Newgrange is fascinating. But only by using lights it is possible to get an idea of what the room will look on the morning of the shortest days of the year. On these days the sunlight comes through the ‘roof box’, a window above the door, right into the chamber. This spectacle lasts only for 20 minutes maximum and is said to be of anciently sacred significance.

Historic Site
Ireland, Dublin, Donore, Boyne Valley
Review and Tips 

The Stone Age monuments are located in the north of Dublin. It is only 40 – 50 km to get to the airport, which is located on the northern side of Dublin. So there should be no trouble with rush hour traffic. Unguided access is not possible and the transfer buses start at the visitor center where you can visit a small exhibition. The Neolithic monuments date from 3000 BC and show 5000 years of history. Both Newgrange and Knowth are about 90m in diameter. Inside the Newgrange structure, there is more to see. At Knowth you are also allowed to walk on top and have a look around the surrounding country.

Tomb of Newgrange | National Geographic


Oct 27, 2015

These types of locations are some of my very favorite places to explore. I am glad you added that at Knowth you are allowed to walk around the surrounding area.