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National Museum of Mexican Art

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National Museum of Mexican Art

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When Is the Best Time 

Mid-September through Mid-December as the museum celebrates Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) with vivid and soulful art.

A Great Place
United States, Chicago, Illinois
Review and Tips 

I've never seen another collection of art as visually stunning in its rich colors and textures as the National Museum of Mexican Art's, Dia de los Muertos exhibit.
Folk art, paintings, and sculptures comprise the largest annual exhibition of Day of the Dead in the U.S.
The museum hosts an Annual Folk Art Festival where you can shop for one-of-a-kind handcrafted artwork from Mexico, meeting many of the artists that create the stunning work.
Special presentations such as "Dancing with the Dead: Mourning and Honoring in the Ancient World" make up a two-month lineup of season-specific programming.

While you can visit the museum free-of-charge nearly any day of the year, it is in the autumn you can step into another world that mixes our own reality with the idea that our loved ones' spirits may come back, mingling with the land of the living for a couple of nights a year. To evoke this special spiritual call to their ancestors, artists create detailed and colorful ofrendas (offerings) of objects placed on a ritual altar. These objects are meant to entice the spirits to return to the living world for a visit. Their favorite foods, music and family photos are a large part of these impressive pieces of art.