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Mount Olympus

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Mount Olympus

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When Is the Best Time 

Mount Olympus, the mountain of the gods, is an impressive geographical hike, the maximum altitude is 2.917 meters, but it's only some kilometers from the Aegean Sea. Best season is from June until the end of September. In the spring the mountaintop is known for thunderstorms, hence the number of trees felled by lightning.

Greece, Mount Olympus
Review and Tips 

An estimated 10.000 people a year ascend the mountain, but outside the holiday season, there are no crowds. Not all try to reach the ultimate summit of Mytikas. There are nice hikes along the slopes of the mountain, too. Most start at the village of LItochoro up the Prionia trailhead. There are four refuges on the east side of the mountain and are referred to as refuge A, B, C. Refuge Agapitos, A, is the most popular and is on the Prionia trail. It's recommend to book in advance for the summer. The next morning you follow the trail above the treeline, and it takes another 2-3 hours to the Mytikas summit. The top of Mount Olympus has three summits, and the most challenging is Mytikas. On our ascent at the beginning of October, the summit was covered in clouds. It's advised to sleep two nights on the mountain to cope with any weather incident if you want to reach the top.