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By the Moon Paths

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By the Moon Paths

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When Is the Best Time 

You can visit all year, this is a hike made to see the sunset and the moon rise. Better on fullmoon

Portugal, Sintra Cascais Natural Park
Review and Tips 

Our walk, ancient way of pilgrims, begins in the most beautiful dam of the Sintra sierra. We will continue for a forest corridor until we enter in the mysterious "Path of the Druids." Accompanied by a serpentine small river we will pass through several small wooden bridges until we start going up, through the dense forest, to the “Peninha“shrine.
It will be with the overwhelming view of one of the highest points of the “Moon Mountain” (Sintra), about 500m high, that we will do our picnic dinner, while the Sun and the Moon will present us two great moments, the farewell of the first behind the Atlantic, and the birth of the second in the clear skies of the sierra, all this with the enigmatic medieval setting provided by the “Peninha“ shrine and the chapel of “St. Saturnino" with almost 1000 years of history.
On the way down, we will have the company of the silver light rays of the full moon until our destination, where we will meet through dense forest corridors, a more mysterious and simultaneously more intimate side of the Sintra forest.

Although our hike ends where it began, the landscape, shaped by the moonlight night, will be quite different, giving us a beautiful final effect.



Oct 29, 2015

Definitely something we have to do with you next time.

Oct 29, 2015

For sure, for certain you will love it.