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Mineral Point & the Kiddleywink Pub

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Mineral Point & the Kiddleywink Pub

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When Is the Best Time 

Winter, it's like stepping back in time. If you plan right, you can attend a reading of the "Pickwick Papers" at the Kiddleywink Pub in front of the stone fireplace, while drinking mulled wine and eating saffron cakes.

Historic Site
United States, Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Review and Tips 

Mineral Point... or is it Cornwall, England? The town is located in the southwest corner of Wisconsin and is the third oldest village in the state. Mining opportunities brought immigrants from Cornwall to the area In the 1830's because lead, copper, and zinc were discovered in the hills around Mineral Point. The town boomed, the Cornish population bringing with them talents for building stone cottages and the tradition of making the very popular food for miners, pasties (which you can still get today in town at the Red Rooster Cafe). An interesting side note is that pasties, that look similar to small calzones, were constructed with that half moon shape and thick crust so the crust could be held while the miners ate with their very dirty hands then disposing the crust never, contaminating the parts they digested.

Mineral Point isn't a happening place. It is quaint. Shake Rag Alley, an arts school and outdoor performance venue, is one artist flock to for peaceful study and time to create. There is Pendarvis Historical Site, which is a small scale, Williamsburg-esque historical village but my very favorite part of that site is the Kiddleywink Pub. Literally found underneath a home and then unearthed, this once lively meeting place had been buried for decades. When it was found, old glasses were still sitting on rustic tables under mounds of dirt and ruble. Bob Neal and Edgar Hellum restored the space to be a Cornish-style pub. In the winter you can have mulled wine and saffron cakes while you listen to a reading from the Pickwick Papers for a small fee.

There's a great travel blog about Mineral Point that goes much more in-depth about the town's origins for those that are historically-minded.



Oct 22, 2015

Fantastic place for an evening at Christmas season.

Oct 23, 2015

It's as charming as could be and so peaceful.