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Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

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Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

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When Is the Best Time 

Do the hike up the dunes before sunrise to avoid the heat of the day and enjoy a magnificent experience. That way you'll also dodge the crowds which are present during the day. Another great time is sunset of course. Check our Death Valley Guide for detailed tips for each season.

A Great Place
United States, Death Valley National Park
Review and Tips 

No trail to follow, just explore these beautiful place on your own. Watch the sun come up and paint the dunes, enjoy the peace and quiet and surround yourself in pure nature.

Must-Know Facts and Tips
  • For taking photos without foot prints get there early or walk further
  • Excellent for stunning sunrise or sunset photos
  • A perfect spot for stargazing in Death Valley because of the nobstructed views
  • The crowds thin out the further you walk from the parking lot
  • Wear shoes, the sand is hot, very hot!
  • Bring a sand board to slide down the dunes
  • It's easily accessible from Hwy. 190 and a short 25 minutes drive from Furnace Creek Visitor Center
  • No facilities or bathroom. Do everything at Furnace Creek