Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time
Fewer people in winter. Avoid peak tourist months in spring/summer, can also get extremely hot. The photographer crowds often leave shortly after sunrise.

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Where and Tips

Moab, Utah, Canyonlands National Park
United States

Just a short hike from the road, you will find Mesa arch. It is nice any time but magical in the morning and also at night with a full moon. The light reflects off the cliffs below and the underside of the arch turns orange. I like the winter best because the crowds are smaller. Make sure to bring a tripod and be prepared to have more photographers...but be patient they often leave shortly after sunrise...the best shots are once the sun has gotten a little higher.

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Summer can be very hot even in May we had 30 degrees. From Mesa Arch you can see a rock formation which is called "Moses prays". Canyonlands is separated in three different parts; The Needles, the Maze and Island in the Sky where Mesa Arch is located. There are different outlooks where you can go by car. To get a real impression of Canyonlands I recommend a scenic flight. Don't miss Capitol Reef N.P. with the Hickman Bridge Trail.

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Stunning! Good to know that many photographers leave after sunrise.

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