Meerkat Adventures - Oudtshoorn

Meerkat Adventures - Oudtshoorn

za South Africa

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

The meeting point is outside of Oudtshoorn very early in the morning before sunrise. The starting time mentioned on the website is estimated. It also depends on the weather conditions. You need to contact them the day before to confirm the accurate time for the next early morning. In winter it's chilly early morning. Make sure you take warm clothes and a binocular.


In general, less precipitation in Oudtshoorn but it occurs throughout the year with peaks in March/April and August/September. Driest and coldest months are June and July, single-digit temps in the night from May to September. Sometimes it snows in the mountains. Hottest season from November until March.with day temps around 30 degrees and more. Expect plenty of sunshine, but thunderstorms can occur.


Due to their professionalism, it's not a question how many people take part. Less busy during the winter months; Mai/June until August.

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Where and Tips

South Africa

Highly recommended to go on the Meerkat Adventure tour with Devey, a committed conservationist, and his two supporters.

It is an early start at 5 am when you meet the tour guides just outside Oudtshoorn by your own car. Together you travel on for another few minutes before the cars get parked. After coffee, everybody gets a camping chair, and you walk over to the spot where the Meerkats are still sleeping. Devey always checks the night before where the Meerkats go to sleep because they are often changing their burrows.

While you are waiting for the meerkats to appear, Devey shares a lot of interesting information. He is a truly genuine man, who knows a lot about nature. It is simply amazing to watch how these little creatures leave their burrows to warm themselves in the first rays of sunlight. Devey also tells lots of funny stories about the character of each individual.

Do not miss it; you are supporting a great conservation project. For contact and booking follow the link. Meerkat Tour

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