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Lundy Island

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Lundy Island

When Is the Best Time 

The small Lundy Island just 5 km / 3 miles long is very popular for daytrippers during spring and summer. Regarding the weather May to September are the most pleasant months although rain, drizzle, and mist occur throughout the year. June is the peak for the flowering season. The ferry departs from Bideford and Ilfracombe depending on the tide times and takes less than two hours. The season on the island starts end of March and ends end of October. A small number of puffins can be seen in the breeding season; best months are April to July.

Puffin on Lundy Island; UK


It's a beautiful and easy walk to circle the entire island. The ferry ride takes less than 2 hours. These makes the island even more popular. It's advisable to book the ferry ticket in advance especially during the weekend and summer holidays. Same for the 23 cottages and the campground. If possible come mid-week and avoid July and August. 

Ferry and Cottage Booking
Diving at Lundy

It's also a top diving destination in the UK; located in the Bristol Channel. The sea around Lundy is the first Marine Nature Reserve in England. Best time for diving and snorkeling during summer due to warmer sea temps. The diving season starts end of April and lasts until the end of September with good visibility. There are more than hundred shipwrecks around Lundy which makes it even more exciting. Due to strong tidal currents, it’s only for experienced divers recommended. A bonus curious grey seals may follow you. Dive Sites

Birding Highlights

Lundy is one of the largest seabird breeding colonies in South West England.

  • Usually, puffins arrive between mid to end of March on Lundy Island for breeding. Puffins are leaving the island latest in August. Don’t expect many of this beautiful birds due to rat predation. There is a colony at Jenny's Cove, and since rat eradication, the pufflings and all other chicks are save.
  • Seabird breeding colony (guillemot, razorbill, max shearwater, shag, and different gulls) can be spotted from the end of March until September.
  • Migratory birds make a stop on the island from March to June and August to November.

Razorbill on Lundy Island

United Kingdom, Lundy Island
Review and Tips 

Lundy is a place of outstanding natural beauty and a must when visiting Cornwall. On the island are three lighthouses situated: the South, the North, and the Old Light necessary due to the remote location. The Old Lighthouse, the ancient castle, and other old buildings are for rent now. Enjoy the breathtaking landscape while hiking along the coastal path, the smuggler's cave, and earthquake cracks. Lundy is Norse and means Puffin. Unfortunately, you won't spot many of this cute birds. Anyhow, it's a paradise for birders, but if you want to watch the puffins up close; check out Lunga Island.

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Aug 26, 2015

@Stefan; I didn't know that diving looks so fantastic in the UK. I never heard before. What kind of fish is there laying on the ground?

Aug 26, 2015

Hi Micha, the fish is a kind of small shark, maximum 1 meter long. It's called a Dogfish.

Dec 30, 2015
@ Stefan, did you spend a night at Lundy? Have you seen puffins or had they already left the island? The puffins are at Lundy for breeding from mid March to July/ August. Many thanks!
Dec 31, 2015

hi Micha, I was there in May but that year was a very cold spring, so we did not see any puffins, although I hoped to see them. The dive operator left every morning from Ilfracombe so we did not sleep on the island. But we did go on the island.