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Low Head Lighthouse

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Low Head Lighthouse

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The photogenic Low Head Lighthouse is not open to the public. What makes this lighthouse special is the kind of foghorn which is one of only two existing ones in the world. It always only sounds at noon on Sundays. If you plan to visit the penguins during the evening at Low Head have a look to the lighthouse as well but it's not worth a detour.

Australia, Tasmania, Low Head
Review and Tips 

First navigation marker at Low Head was a flagpole in 1804. The same year a pilot station and signal station with fire beacon was established at the entrance of Tamar River. Nevertheless, serious shipping accidents still occurred. Finally, in 1833 a lighthouse was constructed. Tasmania’s only foghorn was installed in 1929 and usually used by the lighthouse keeper during fog. Low Head is one of the oldest pilot station and signal station in Australia. Nowadays it offers self-contained cottages beautiful located. Combine your stay with a guided evening tour to the penguin colony. There are several nice and cheap accommodations but we couldn't find a good restaurant. Bring your own food! More information