Los Islotes, Baja California

Los Islotes, Baja California

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Sea Lion colony, doubles in size in summer, pupping early July, mating a couple of weeks later.

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Where and Tips

Los Islotes, Mexico

One of the best places to see Californian Sea Lions. Snorkeling and diving trips are possible too, most leaving from La Paz, Baja California. The colony has about 150 animals in winter and more than 300 in summer. Pupping in early July and the mating season starts a few weeks later. Males have spectacular display but the females and youngsters are more inquisitive towards divers or snorkelers.

More information about The Sea of Cortez: http://www.bbc.co.uk/oceans/loc…



Thanks, really good! Isn't this area great for whale watching as well?

Stefan Bonne

Yes, Martin, but I was there on a diving trip. During the trip I saw pilot whales and dolphins, but no good pictures. There are special Grey Whale encounters in San Ignacio Bay, but that's only in winter I think.


Thanks Stefan! Sounds like a place which is definitely going to be put on my bucket list :)


Nice! I love sea lions!