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When Is the Best Time 

It is a year round hiking trail but not recommended with snow and ice in winter time. After rainfall, some parts of the trail are muddy and slippery. Best time for hiking from April until October.

Germany, Mosel - Cochem
Review and Tips 

There are 111 hiking trails in Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate which are called "Traumschleifen"; that means a dream of loop trails. These trails are perfectly marked with the information of the next intermediate hiking target, the distance you've already hiked, how long you still have to walk and the next highlight on your trail. The trails are rich in variety and always even better than expected.

The parking area in Liesenich is marked on Google maps. The car can be parked as well in Altstrimmig and Mittelstrimmig. The trail is 14 km long, up and downhill in elevation 465 meters and the duration is about 4 hours. There are three challenging climbing passages across high ladders. This is great fun and a highlight of the trail but possible to bypass. The trail is lovely in July with flower meadows along the footpath and shadow from the forests. This region is well known for slate mining. The trail passes several old mines which are secured with metal lattice. Mostly there are bats inside of the caves. The Pulgermühle (Mill) is nice for lunch offering fresh trouts.

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